Data Acquisition

This wireless data acquisition system can log data form any analog sensor output. Each field unit has a range of about 1 KM and is a mesh network(so as long as each node is not more the 1 KM apart the system can be deployed over many acres of land). The system has purpose build web software so easy data output.

The data acquisition system has 3 main components.

  • The Field unit is the main device in the system and are solar and battery powered units that collect up to 3 configurable analog senor input (0v-3.3v) and 2 fixed inputs(battery level and Solar panel output), but can be adapted to suit any need. Many Field units are used to collect information from various parts of the operation. The Field units are designed to be left out all year round and will collect data all year. The Default configuration is:
    • 3 soil moisture sensors inputs at 3 depth levels. Usually 10cm, 30cm, and 50cm below grade.
    • 1 Battery monitor input
    • 1 solar panel output monitor input
    • 1 LI-Pol battery
    • 1 solar cell


  • The Base unit is the device all Field units communicate with and send that collected data up to the cloud. Only one is required per setup. There are
    • Solar Powered , Cellular data.(fully self sustaining, be under powered during cloudy winter days(Jan-Feb).


    • A/C Power, Cellular data.(same as solar but pluged in to outside AC plug, Will not lose power in winter).
    • A/C Power, WiFi data.(same as A/C Power, Cellular data but uses your internet, Must be placed inside your WiFi network).
    • Indoor Base unit. Placed inside a building, can be connected to WiFi or ethernet cable, Pluged into A/C plug.(Must run antenna through wall of building to outside).

  • The Data display, the data that is sent to the cloud can be viewed anywhere, from any device that can view a webpage.




This system is currently being used by OMAF staff to conduct their research.


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